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Essential Advisory Services

Dr. Dyann Daley is available as an expert in predictive analytics and community alignment, providing consulting services, educational presentations, collateral development, coaching, mentoring and troubleshooting for state and federal programs, as well as private projects and research.

Dr. Daley is the founder and CEO of Predict-Align-Prevent, and the principal author of the pioneering paper, Risk Terrain Modeling Predicts Child Maltreatment in the journal Child Abuse and Neglect. She is a practicing pediatric anesthesiologist, an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and Arkansas Children's Research Institute in the division of Pediatrics.

​She has partnered with state child welfare agencies across the country to deliver innovative solutions using predictive analytics: her clinical and data insights make her uniquely qualified to lead data-driven initiatives.

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Data Science Techniques including Geospatial Risk Modeling

Incorporating multiple sources of data, linking them to living and working environments. Context is given to big data, offering insights on events and locations.

Social determinants of health, pathophysiology of toxic stress

Understanding the behavioral, social factors, and mechanisms triggering toxic stress

Availability of poverty data, influence of relative risk factors

Socioeconomics as a risk determinant of health outcomes and relative impact

Mapping social services to geolocations and interpreting results

Using geospatial data to map social service assets to neighborhoods and understanding the level of influence and interactions with terrain and other factors.

Benchmarking cities to other urban centers with regard to social service assets

Comparative analysis of social service availability, levels, and trends

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