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Essential Advisory Services

The Predict Align Prevent framework seeks to catalyze local and state resources to protect and enhance quality of life at a critical time for our children.
To support this program,
Dr. Dyann Daley can provide direct subject matter consulting, meeting support, collateral development, and coaching, mentoring and troubleshooting to ensure successful implementation of the Predict Align Prevent lifecycle.
Data Science Techniques including Geospatial Risk Modeling

Analysis can take place ‘in-house’ using agency data analysts, in collaboration with a local University, or through one of our expert data science partners.

Data quality, data availability, limitations

Analysis of assessment methods and quality, understanding accuracy and integrity with respect to available data resources.

Study protocols and/or measurement of current abuse & neglect baselines

Research strategy and analysis of maltreatment data

Social determinants of health, pathophysiology of toxic stress

Understanding the behavioral, social factors, and mechanisms triggering toxic stress

Availability of poverty data, influence of relative risk factors

Socioeconomics as a risk determinant of health outcomes and relative impact

Mapping social services to geolocations and interpreting results

‚ÄčUsing geospatial data to map social service assets to neighborhoods and understanding the level of influence and interactions with terrain and other factors.

Benchmarking cities to other urban centers with regard to social service assets

Comparative analysis of social service availability, levels, and trends