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The PAP Program

​Predict Align Prevent is dedicated to discovering the components of an effective primary prevention bundle for child maltreatment.  We are committed to open science, objective metrics, and child-centered outcomes.

Our program can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs.



Geospatial predictive risk modeling identifies high-risk places where child maltreatment and related fatality are likely to occur in the future -- without profiling individuals.  

The resulting maps clearly demonstrate how child abuse and neglect co-occur geographically with preventable infant and child deaths and toxic-stress-related outcomes such as asthma and low third grade reading proficiency.

​This visualization makes a very strong argument for the importance of cross-sector strategic planning and collaboration across cities, counties, and states.


Make a bigger impact

Once we learn where children are most vulnerable to maltreatment and related fatality we can align resources precisely where they will do the most good.

We work with motivated communities to bring together medical, faith-based, social services, government, police, policy and other stakeholders to strategically and rigorously address the problems that CAN be solved in a community to prevent child abuse and neglect. Also determined during this phase are capacity needs for vital services, gaps in the safety net, and opportunities for community-wide standardization of prevention messaging. 


If the resources and services aligned in high-risk areas are effective, there should be a reduction in child abuse and neglect, related deaths, and contributory risk factors.  These outcomes are tracked at a population level inside high-risk places.

Objective measures of improvement include a reduction in events such as violent crime, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, drug arrests, mental health crisis, school bullying, neglectful supervision related child injuries, and ultimately child maltreatment. Some combination of services, support, infrastructure and economic development will be preventive.

Once bright spots are identified, we'll discover how to reliably prevent child maltreatment!

Optimize efficiency and focus

Put children first




For more information about our Foster and Kinship Care program click here.

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