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Watch Founder and CEO Dr. Dyann Daley Explain the Predict-Align-Prevent (PAP) Program

Since our founding in 2017, Predict-Align-Prevent has worked with child welfare agencies in 7 states and 9 American cities to develop a free and open-source machine learning workflow to predict where child abuse and neglect will occur in areas as small as a football field.  

More than 60% of child abuse, 75% of removals into foster care, and half of child abuse deaths typically occur in 5-10% of a city’s area.  Aligning prevention resources and supports in these areas will help communities learn if they are offering effective solutions to prevent child abuse and neglect in a way that is measurable and repeatable. Hear about how our work has progressed over the years in this presentation, originally recorded for Cook County Health and Rush University Children's Hospital on March 24, 2020.

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