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Dyann Daley, MD
Speaking Engagements

Dr. Dyann Daley has excited audiences of 50 to 5,000 by presenting her groundbreaking work on preventing child maltreatment through geospatial risk analysis.
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As the Founder and CEO

of the nonprofit organization, Predict Align Prevent, Inc., Dr. Daley’s methodology is the only one extant today that includes location- based data science and binds it to community organizer and alignment efforts.


Focused on a commitment to open science, objective metrics, and child-centered outcomes Dr. Daley has designed and published original research in the international journal Child Abuse and Neglect which demonstrated the effectiveness of predicting future child maltreatment locations using spatial risk modeling.

Dr. Daley is available to speak on a variety of topics, including:

    •  Finding children at risk before suspicion of child maltreatment occurs without targeting individuals.

    •  Identifying the components of a primary prevention bundle of services supports and infrastructure which reliably prevents child maltreatment from occurring.

    •  Defining the steps necessary to improve the life trajectory of children who have experienced maltreatment and or chronic exposure to adversity.


Please contact us to learn how Dr. Daley can inform, motivate, and engage your audience in engineering better outcomes for kids.


2019 Prevent Child Abuse America National Conference presentation participant feedback:

"The information you discussed was extremely thought provoking. I’ve admittedly always been a critic of predictive analytics within child welfare since there are such great ethical considerations when working with children and families. Most of my professional background is in direct CPS services (ongoing case management) and many of the predictive analytics conversations I’ve heard discuss the desire to predict service needs of families and the “best” track for families within the CPS system, after the family has already been reported to CPS. The idea behind attempting to predict human behavior once families are already known to the CPS system (largely through the point of Access or the initial call to CPS) is hard to get behind. I appreciate that the work you are doing is a true prevention approach and that it uses existing community data. "

Audience feedback from Dr. Daley’s presentation Finding at-risk children with geospatial machine learning at the Predictive Analytics World Las Vegas 2019 event:

  • Amazing work and program being worked on. Great to see someone wanting and willing to share everything for all to learn from and for all of us to work on together for the better of everyone!

  • As a fellow physician, I admire what she is doing for the social good and the children are so often lost in our healthcare system.

  • The depth and texture was just right and left me wanting more. She is clearly engaged and passionate about her mission and it comes across in her talk. 

About Dr. Daley

Dr. Dyann Daley is a practicing pediatric anesthesiologist receiving her Doctor of Medicine from Saba University School of Medicine in 2001, completing her residency in Anesthesiology with Baylor College of Medicine in 2005, and a fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology with UT Southwestern in 2006. Dr. Dyann Daley was the founder and Executive Director of Cook Children’s Center for Prevention of Child Maltreatment in Fort Worth, TX, from 2014 - 2017.

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