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Stop Child Abuse Before it Happens with

New Open Source Geospatial Machine Learning Tools

Open Source Community Kick-off: Online Conferences

Predict-Align-Prevent, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and Urban Spatial are excited to release new, open source predictive tools to help in the fight against child maltreatment. Combining spatial analytics with cutting edge machine learning techniques, this framework allows communities to explore administrative data and forecast maltreatment risk across space.


To augment these open source assets, we have also developed a set of comprehensive planning tools, empowering stakeholders to convert risk predictions into actionable intelligence to ensure education and prevention resources are targeted to communities that need them the most. Exploratory analysis can help non-technical decision makers visualize the relationship between maltreatment and measures of exposure. Risk predictions can be validated across a host of metrics including a set of custom ‘algorithmic fairness’ analytics.

PAP and Urban Spatial look forward to seeing others adopt the open source code base to replicate this work in communities nationwide.

For your convenience, we offered the online conference on two separate dates to launch the open source community around the software and methods. The agendas for both days were identical.

Online Conference March 25, 2019

Co-hosted by Dr. Ken Steif of Urban Spatial and Dr. Dyann Daley of Predict-Align-Prevent

Click here to view the presentation

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